Henry Forrest interview – schooling

File information: Sound recording
Recorded by: Peter Stevens
Equipment used: Tascam DR-07
File type: mp3
Files edited by: Edie Simpson
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Interview information
Date of interview: February 26, 2015
Name of interviewee: Henry Forrest
Name of interviewer: Peter Stevens
Other people present at interview: none
Place of interview: Peter Stevens’ kitchen
Topic of interview: School days in Madison

Item information: This interview of Henry Forrest conducted by Peter Stevens is edited into 3 parts. Henry Forrest grew up in Madison, and graduated from Madison High School in 1947.

Notes from interview by Peter Stevens: First to sixth grade in Silver Lake School on High Street. Six grades in one room. Mrs. Whiting teacher. 36 seats. Baseball. Discipline. Lighting fire. Plus some comments about Frost family, military draft, and college at UNH.

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